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Event Centers ,Facility Birthday Party Rooms and Pavilions.

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Birthday And Special Occasion Party Ideas!  Call for pricing on Bundle Packages for 2019 Great Savings

                                                                                                                             Birthday Party Facilities and Capacity

 2019 Tiger Overlook Party Deck overlooking are Tigers and Lions

Outdoor Jungle Safari Tree house

Safari Banquet Hall 

Indoor Kadani Room and Building

Outdoor Pavilions Including :

 Large Mala Mala Pavilion 75-200 Guests

 Tiger Overlook Deck  60-80 Guests 

 Medium  Sabi Sabi Pavilion 20-75 Guests          

 Australian Outback Pavilion 15-35 Guests 

 Tiger Den Pavilion 15-40 Guests Infront of Golden Tabby Tigers

 Smokey Den Pavilion 15-35 Guest  Infront of Black Bears 

Package includes:

Use of one of our party facilities for 2 hour or  for a extra charge 3 Hours parties 

 Monkey and Deer  Feeding Station provided 

Set up prior to party is 30 minutes for any decorating you may need

2 animals of your choice will be brought to your Party Room by our Handlers .

Animals at time of party are on availability 

$20.00 extra per animal being brought to party room

Birthday Party Facilities and Capacity:

   Outdoor Pavilions excluding Tiger Overlook:                                                                                               Starting at $175.00   15 guests   15-25 guests $215.00  25-50 guests  $275.00

 Birthday Party Facilities Indoors and Capacity   

 Kadani Room , and Tiger Overlook  15 guests $225.00,    15-25 guests $265.00,  25-50 guests $315.00   50-60 people $ 365.00 

Tiger Safar Banquet hall Starting at $250.00  15 guests 15-25 $300.00 

55-50  guests$350.00 50-60 guests$425.00

Call for Pricing on our after Hour Parties in our Banquet Hall 

Welcome Center / Banquet Hall  or Tiger Overlook

A deposit of $50.00 is required upon booking. Deposits are non refundable. Parties not cancelled 72 hours prior to party time will be charged full party price. Parties going over two hours will be assessed extra charges. Please call for more details.

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