Mission Statement

History, Mission and Vision


The Tiger Safari Zoological Park was founded in 2002 and officially opened its doors in 2003, making the Zoo  the second Privately Owned  Zoo in the Oklahoma Area with Large Carnivores. The Zoo’s original animal collection was very small, originally consisting of just a few Tigers and lions  grizzly and  Black bear, Six Deer, Six Lemurs , two Coatmundi  , a hyena,  an Two Alligators, an four  birds, The Zoo was founded on  45 acres Just outside the Tuttle City Limits 


Adventure. Conservation. Education. Community.

The mission and vision of Tiger Safari Zoological Park is dedicated to creating adventure, conveying knowledge, conserving nature, and serving the community.

With the addition of our fourth pillar to our Mission Statement, Serving Community, we recognize the responsibility to partner with diverse and economically challenged communities in our daily work.


Tiger Safari Zoological Park Core Values

What We Believe / How We Act

Achieving our mission requires great people who actively demonstrate the following values & behaviors:

Collaborative Relationships

Positivity & Energy

Accountability, Mutual Trust & Respect

Progressive Thinking

Pride, Passion & a Sense of Ownership