tiger overlook deck

Tiger Overlook Deck

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The Tiger Overlook Is a Great way to Enjoy Birthday Parties , Family Reunions ,Corporate Events and much more 

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tiger over look deck

Tiger Over Deck gives you an atmosphere you can not find any where else in Oklahoma .From School Field Trips to Birthday Parties to after hours parties we custom fit parties to meet your needs.

Four Fire pits as well as torches

tiger overlook deck

Thats right the Overlook Deck offers four Fire pits as well as Flame torches to get the whole Safari experience while overlooking the Tigers and Lions during the day or after hours with lighted cages 

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tiger overlook deck

This is a one of a kind jewel , to listen and see them roar from above is absolutely awesome ,see for your self why the Tiger Overlook deck is so cool .

Lighted Pergola with Fire Pit

overlook deck

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tiger overlook deck

New For 2019 Tiger Overlook Deck 

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How many People can the overlook deck accommodate =80 - 100 people with the same on the underlook pavilion