Wizarding World of Tiger Safari

Are you a Harry Potter Fan??


Ever wanted to take a picture in the great Hall while holding your owl? Well now you can here at Tiger Safari!!

Pictures with Luna


 There will be photo opportunities for wizards and witches of all ages to dress up in their Hogwarts robes and get their picture taken with our Eurasian Eagle Owl. Pictures will be taken in front of green screen so you’ll be able to hold Luna while standing in front of Hogwarts itself!!

What else we offer


For those who are into reptiles we also have pictures with our large Burmese python and Argentine tegu, these pictures will be an additional $5.

More Info



Guests are more than welcome to show their house pride and bring their own wizards robes for pictures, but fear not if your house-elf has misplaced yours for we are more than happy to provide Gryffindor robes for witches and wizards big or small



Pictures with Luna will be $20 per person for an email picture, for younger kids that don't want to hold Luna we have a stuffed "hedwig" for them to hold and is $10 for a picture



Wizarding world of Tiger Safari will take place September 17th to October 31st. The park will be open Tuesday - Sunday 9-5:30. we will be doing pictures at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30. please call 405-414-9365 or 405-381-9453 and schedule in advance for large groups for pictures. 

What else is here


We will also be selling Wizard treats like chocolate frogs, jelly slugs, and Bertie Boots every flavor bean. Also stop by ollivander's while your here and pick up your own wand to take home. 

More fun


We also have enough exotic animals to see to make even Hagrid jealous. Be sure to check out our new reptile building, who knows maybe a parselmouth is in your midst.