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Tiger Safari  ZooToYou Programs – Let us bring the Tiger Safari Zoo to you!

Our Live On Location, ZooMobile and Distance Learning programs align with Oklahoma Department of Education Academic Content Standards at primary and secondary levels. Inspiring and motivating people to care for the natural world is part of Tiger Safari's mission statement. Our ZooToYou program fulfills this mission by delivering educational and exciting programs to your organization. Tiger Safari Outreach Specialists strive to engage audiences about the wonders of our earth and the animals with whom we share it. Tiger Safari  ZooToYou has three different programs depending upon your location in Oklahoma

Live On Location (within Metro Oklahoma) | ZooMobile (outside Metro Oklahoma)
Distance Learning (to anywhere)

  • Live on Location
  • ZooMobile
  • Assemblies
  • Distance Learning

Our Tiger Safari Zoo Outreach Team will deliver exciting educational programs directly to your school! The Live on Location program is for locations within the Oklahoma City  Metro area. Our Outreach Specialists will engage your students by providing up-close animal experiences with a select group of invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. We strive to inspire students about the wonders of our earth and the animals with whom we share it. Use a Live on Location program to introduce, reinforce or culminate your classroom curriculum. Choose from one of our exciting program topics or we can create a custom program to fit your needs.

Live on Location presentations can be either a booth setting (demonstration table with one-on-one discussion) or an interactive program with audience participation.

Program Pricing:

Educational/Youth Group:
$230 1st hour/instructor, $100 additional consecutive half  hour or additional instructor. Fuel Charges Apply after 45 miles at 1 per mile round trip-
• Additional presentations can be booked at a discounted price

All Others:
$280 1st hour /with 2 instructor, $125 additional consecutive hour or additional instructor
• Additional presentations can be booked at a discounted price

Program Details

Duration: 60 minutes (unless otherwise noted)
Availability: Can be scheduled any day
Group Size: Maximum of 75 attendees per interactive presentation; schedule additional presentation for larger groups
Reservations:  Call 405-381-9453 to register.your Date and Time 

Other Notes:  For additional information about the ZooToYou program call our Outreach Office at 405-414-9365.

Program Topics:

PreKKindergarten1st Grade

Animal Kingdom

  • From fur to feathers, scales to exoskeletons, discover the amazing characteristics of the animal world. Identify and learn about the similarities and differences that help us categorize animals into distinct scientific groups.

Growing Up Animals

  • Growing up is hard to do! Join us on a journey through the life stages of different types of animals.

 Desert Journey

  •  Meets many desert animals in her quest to find water. Follow  and discover how animals find what they need to live in the desert.

2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade6th Grade7th Grade & UpMulti-Aged Group

Custom Programs: 

If our standard program offerings do not fit your needs, please contact the Outreach Supervisor so we may create a custom program just for you!                        2nd Grade

Growing Up Animals 

  • Growing up is hard to do! Join us on a journey through the life stages of different types of animals.

It’s a Jungle Out There!

  • Deep in the rainforest, life can be hard. Join us as we explore the amazing adaptations of animals who call the jungle home.

Eat or Be Eaten 

  • Dive into the world of predators and prey! Explore some adaptations and strategies predators use to catch prey, and how prey avoid getting caught. It’s a food web full of  suspense to determine who will survive.                               
  • Now You See Me, Now You Don’t                                                                      Many animals have seemingly magical abilities. Some can do a great disappearing act, while others perform impossible feats! Learn about the magical ways of these animals along with Inadequate Illusionist, The World’s Worst Magician!

Wonderfully Weird

  • In the animal kingdom, nothing is quite as it seems. In this program we will meet commonly misunderstood animals as we discover: Is truth stranger than fiction? to determine who will survive.