school field trips

School Field Trips are great learning experiences

Why is the zoo a good field trip?

Teachers often consider a field trip to a zoo as a great way for students to observe animals and feel a connection with wildlife. ... It's important for teachers to be certain of the educational goals of such a trip, and to ensure that the experience will meet those objectives.

What should I bring to a zoo field trip?

Here is a handy checklist of things you may want to bring with you and items you cannot bring into the zoo:

Comfortable Shoes. We strongly suggest wearing shoes that are comfortable to walk in. ...

Camera and Film/Batteries. ...

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat/Insect Repellant. ...

Stroller. ...

Water. ...

Food. .

Can you take food into TIGER SAFARI ZOOLOGICAL PARK?

You can bring food items in,  large coolers are brought to many of our pavilions

by staff for your convenience. You'll find a picnic areas to meet your classes needs all over the zoo so get excited for a great day of fun and learning. It's hot and sunny at the zoo much of the year, bring hats and sunscreen.

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Enhance your students’ learning with a field trip where the Zoo is your living classroom! Field trips to the Zoo are available year round every day of the week.

Field Trips are $8.00 per student with 20 0r more students