INTERNSHIPS We offer a 12-week intensive internship program

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Internships at  Tiger Safari Zoological Park are a fantastic way to gain experience in the fields of exotic animal and wildlife management and training, as well as conservation education and outreach. Internships are offered year-round on a competitive basis and are available to enrolled university students or recent graduates. We accept both local and out-of-state applicants. Durations and time requirements for interns will vary by season and the potential candidate’s enrollment status. Programs can be tailored based on student needs and interests, but typically fall within one of the following three major categories:

Animal Husbandry

Behavioral Enrichment

Conservation Education and Outreach

We’re proud of our close connection with University of Oklahoma. We frequently work with students studying Biology, Wildlife Management, Animal Science, Education, Psychology, and Landscape Architecture. Students wishing to complete an internship with us can elect to receive college credit according to their department’s standards. Another enriching opportunity for students is completing senior projects with us. If you are interested in interning at Tiger Safari Zoological Park, or if you are a  student interested in designing a senior project that involves the animal sanctuary, read our information for prospective interns and complete our Internship Interest Form (below) 

Internship Interest Form: Conservation Ambassadors

If you are interested in internship opportunities at Tiger Safari Zoological Park please E-mail us @