Daycare zoo to you

Daycare Zoo To You

Additional Information About our Daycare Programs



Program Description: Animals move and use their senses just like us. See for yourself how some different animals move, smell, hear, and feel and use a few of your own senses to learn more about them. 

Goal/Purpose: To introduce students to the differences between human and animal sensory organs and how those senses help them to survive in the wild. 

Program Title: “I’ve Got Needs, Too” 

Program Description: All animals need certain things to survive, just like people do! Join us as we explore what different animals like to eat and drink, how they stay warm, and how they get the air they need. 

Goal/Purpose: To introduce students to the four (4) basic needs of all animals and how they each go about meeting those needs 

Program Title: “Animal Coverings” 

Program Description: What are some different animal coverings? Why are birds covered with feathers? Here’s your chance to see and touch some different coverings, and learn more about the animals that have them! 

Goal/Purpose: To introduce students to the concept of a body coverings and show them examples of different body coverings and the purposes they serve 


8-10  Animals / 1 Hour / 1 Handler (all ages):

up to 30 children $230 

+ travel charge listed at bottom

To ensure the presentation maintains it's interactive level, up to 35 children is recommended.

- extra 1/2 hour $75 (optional - for more pictures or some extra time for the adults to interact)

 Give your child the birthday party they'll never froget! 

Zoo To You  presentations are not only educational, but they are amazingly interactive. They involve 8-10 exotic animals, depending on which package you've booked.

The children are very involved in handling, feeding and learning all about the animals throughout the presentation. One type of animal is brought out at a time to ensure control is maintained.

Please keep in mind the less children that are involved in the presentation, the more interaction each child will get. Keeping the child count around 15-30 or less would be ideal. Having said that, if you are planning for a larger number of children, the birthday child and siblings will be singled out for special experiences with the animals.

Certain animals can be requested or it can be left with us to bring a surprise list of the best suited animals for the particular age group. 

Fuel Charges apply after 45 miles at 1per mile. Surcharges apply after 60, 90 .120 miles