over night adventure

Safari Night Out

Starting November 8th &9th 2019


What better way to enjoy a night out in the wild than to embark on a  Tiger Safari Adventure . You and your companions can go on a cosy walking adventure in the company of an expert guide. Hear insider stories about our animals or ask burning questions you might have on our wildlife while later while roasting marshmallows by the Fire .We`proide all the fix, ins for s'mores maybe be even a Movie 

After Hours Safari Night Out Information and Prices

Safari Night Out Includes= Admission ,

Monkey and deer treats as well all the   fix in's by our huge fire pit for making Adults  and Kids favorite s'mores 

Night admission for the month of November 

has been set at $20.00 which is our Discount month  for after hours Safari Night Out . Prices will increase to 25.00 in December

for the rest of our Season .Hope to See many of you in November