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Tiger Overlook Tree House / Overnight Stay Opening Nov 23th

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Ever Wanted to know whats it like to Sleep above Beautiful Golden Tabby Tigers and Bears

This will be the only one of its kind in the State of Oklahoma with several more to follow .

Well now you can, Tiger Overlook tree house pictured above Is now Available with our grand opening November 23rd  .Set back 40 feet from the enclosure and elevated over 20 feet you can now look down on not only Tigers but Bears and Hyena as well . 

Special November and December prices apply $85.00 unlimited guests which covers your over Night Stay .

Gas Grill .Refrigerator,Coffee Maker , TV and DVD and Fire Pit an Deck Makes for an amazing Night for anyone .

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Booking line 405-414-9365 

Primitive Overnight at it's Finest

Now Available for Over Night Guests


The View from Tiger Over Look besides the Tigers and Bears is Simply amazing Look at Photo Below, From Overlook Deck.

Booking Line 405-414-9365 

Announcing Tiger Overlook Tree House


Ever wanted to know whats it like to Sleep Over Tigers and Bears 

To listen to them Roar just yards away , Well now you can Oklahoma's only Tiger Overlook Tree House .